TELCOTEC is a leading provider of state-of-the-art solutions for telecommunications operational and business analysis in network performance, revenue assurance, data retention, and fraud management. TELCOTEC is headquartered in the UK with offices in US, UK and Sri Lanka.


TELCOTEC was founded to fill the void that exists in the telecommunications service management and business management market. There is no comprehensive solution that can be easily adapted to meet different needs. The partial solutions that exist are outrageously expensive. TELCOTEC prides itself in offering the most flexible and cost-effective business-driven solution in the market.


TELCOTEC team has over 50+ years of experience in implementing large-scale global projects for the telecommunications industry. TELCOTEC has turnkey experience from inception to implementation through our network of global delivery centers, we seamlessly bring together the talent, tools, methodologies, and assets to deliver the right solutions for your needs.

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Our Success

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In matters small or big, we are sharp in our focus – meeting and striving to exceed customer’s expectations. By leveraging TELCOTEC capabilities, we pride in taking our customers to the next level in their business. Our commitment is to always put the customer at the forefront of our business by understanding their needs and working side-by-side to implement the best solutions. We invite you to learn more about how we have converted challenging situations for our customers into opportunities to excel and win in their businesses. For years, we have designed and built systems that have helped communications providers worldwide to improve the quality of their services. Our relentless focus on quality has been acknowledged independently by the industry.

As a PTT Eircom needed a method of looking at the ASRs of all routes on the Eircom international switches. We really needed a real-time solution that would enable the operations staff to proactively look at the routes and from the results manage them. Before the TELCOTEC NPP was implemented, we would only look at the routes reactively; this however would prove to be very labor-intensive and would lead to loss of revenue. When we approached TELCOTEC we knew what we wanted but were unsure of how to complete what looked like a daunting task. Telecotec where very quick to develop a solution that both satisfied our original demands and then opened up new avenues of revenue generation. The NPP solution is now being used to proactively manage the quality of the routes, we have the system set up to alarm when a route is showing low ASR, PDD, and NER. This has helped us in keeping revenue stable and interconnect maintained to a high standard. As this tool is so successful, we are now looking to develop with TELCOTEC a VoIP solution and from there integrate it with the whole network and the commercial division of Eircom.

Peter Macciochi
Global Carrier Services
Eircom UK

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