Data Retention Solution (DRS)

Whether you are a fixed, mobile, NGN, or converged services provider, you may be required to comply with the Data Retention Directives. For example, the EU Directive on Data Retention makes it mandatory for all member countries to implement a compliant solution by August 2007. This directive requires communications companies to securely retain data and be able to analyze traffic data related to voice and data communications for a period of two years or more. In addition, all service providers must be able to provide data to law enforcement inquiries without undue delay.

This translates into millions of Call Detail Records (CDRs), IP Detail Records (IPDRs), logs from other communications transactions to be processed and stored on a daily basis in searchable archives.

TELCOTEC has the ability to extend the NPP architecture to accommodate state-of-the-art in-line compression engines and storage technology to extend the online and archived capacity cost-effectively to store and retrieve as many records as desired by end-users.