Network Performance Portal (NPP)

NPP is the only solution in the market that can cost-effectively integrate all types of service, and business data from legacy and next-generation fixed and mobile networks into decision-support knowledge. The flexible platform is capable of collecting virtually unlimited data, using mediation or directly, from network elements, billing systems, independent probes (active or passive), as well as other OSS/BSS systems. It is able to process in near-real-time all the raw data such that ready-to-use information is made available to all stakeholders, inside and outside the organization. Besides this, the NPP offers proactive capabilities that allow service providers to not only keep an eye on the network traffic and the overlay services but also keep the focus on maximizing the profitability of their business.

TELCOTEC's Network Performance Portal (NPP) is an information web portal that automatically mines data and empowers resources across the entire organization. It allows ready access to pertinent information through dashboards of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Key Quality Indicators (KPIs), business and service quality reports, and service alarms. Troubleshooting capabilities to quickly drill down to root cause data elements and the ability to view signaling trace information is an added strength of the system.

NPP has been designed from the ground up to cost-effectively help service providers overcome the challenges presented by the convergence of circuit-switched and packet-switched technologies. It also helps service provider's proactively identifying revenue enhancement opportunities as well as prevent costs escalations from wiping out a hard-earned profit. When it comes to offering Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance or performing advanced Quality of Service (QoS) analysis and Troubleshooting, NPP is the only solution that can give service providers a clear competitive advantage to win new business and retain and grow existing business.